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what a moron

no belgian church escaped sex abuse  

It may have been a small minority of priests involved, but sexual abuse of child is not a rare event -- it's a common risk associated with growing up Catholic.  The argument is not that a minority of priests rape children therefore the whole church is evil.  The argument is that the church is evil because (among many other things) it fosters a culture of privilege and protection for its special people.  And those special people are not the congregation, but the priesthood. The pedophilia cover-up scandal is a sympton of a sick institution.  

did Hawking just kill god?

you know, in case you run out of inspiration for your blog:
This is by my favorite blogger right now, P Z Myers.  He's an evolutionary biologist and outspoken atheist.  Among many other interesting topics -- he talks about what happens when history deniers come to university and learn about evolution...
A great interview with Richard Dawkins (fast forward to time 2:00).  He touches on all our favorite points -- the gnu atheists, why people like you think he's a shrill militant atheist, creationism / intelligent design, the exact question your daughter asked -- why bother trying to convert people, the evidence for evolution, and then Stephen Hawking's new book
This new stuff about Stephen Hawking showing that the creation of the universe does not require a god.  You'll be happy to know any crazy deistic leanings in me have evaporated:

some good stuff to read/listen to

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Why the bible is a human creation -> Some Mistakes of Moses, Robert Ingersoll
Why Jesus probably never existed -> The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man, by Robert M. Price and Deconstructing Jesus by Robert M Price
Why all your end of days stuff is frankly, b.s. -> Paperback Apocalypse: How the Christian Church Was Left Behind
Why God does not exist -> The God Delusion, Dawkins
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Where morality really comes from -> Good without God, Epstein
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Faith School menance?